Business 101: Set up a multi-store location for your restaurant


The multiple-store management feature of an interactive restaurant menu QR code software makes setting up the menu for your multi-location restaurants a breeze.

It allows you to create a shared layout in the admin panel and extend it across your restaurant locations.

Moreover, it also makes it simple to keep track of the shared layouts among your restaurants.

Instead of managing many different layouts for each retail location, you’ll simply have to work in one shared format.

Benefits of a multi-store restaurant location

  1. Simple menu customization

It’s easier to create and manage digital menus for different restaurant locations. An interactive restaurant menu QR code software’s multi-location store management feature comes in handy.

Because you can develop a standard menu QR code for all store branches, you do not need to create several distinct menu layouts for different stores.

You’ll only need to set up one e-menu app layout for all multi-location restaurants.

2. More frequent menu updates

It’s also simple to update your digital menu. There’s no need to visit various supermarkets and update each food item separately.

Because it is a unified menu, all adjustments and configurations will be reflected in real-time across all digital menus.

3. Simple availability and featured item updates

The feature and availability checkboxes in an interactive restaurant menu QR code software can make it easier to update menu items.

To highlight an item on your restaurant’s website, check the feature box. If you wish to remove it from your features page, uncheck it.

The same can be said for changing availability. When an item is available or unavailable, you may quickly check or uncheck the availability box.

4. Multi-location restaurants can create a unified digital menu.

Offer identical food items to all of your restaurant store branches to create a cohesive restaurant contactless menu.

5. Consistent restaurant procedures

A uniform menu for multi-location restaurants ensures that your restaurant chain’s dishes, services, and transactions are consistent.

6. Enhance the restaurant’s brand

A strong brand is built based on consistency and coherence. As a result, creating identical menus for multiple locations will help to build your brand.

Now that we know the benefits of a multi-location restaurant set up for your business. Here are some ideas on choosing the right spot for your restaurant.

Choosing the right restaurant spot

  1. Examine the cityscape’s locations.

Your restaurant should be located near a city with a high volume of automobiles or passers-by. Even if other restaurants are nearby, these engaged clients may be able to identify your company first.

Operating a modern restaurant with a digital menu system that blends in with the rest of the city’s eateries will help your business grow in sales and money.

Keep in mind that the more people pass by your restaurant, the more likely it is that they will want to dine there and sample your culinary expertise.

2. Pick a location with parking.

Make it simple for your customers to park their cars near or outside your eatery.

Customers will return to your restaurant since you provide them with a safe parking spot while they enjoy your gourmet cuisine.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to open a restaurant near a city parking lot. As a result, having your restaurant near a city parking lot can benefit your business.

3. Place your restaurant among other complementary businesses.

Complementary businesses can help your bland restaurant appeal to your target audience.

For example, you could open a cafeteria near a university and provide the healthiest sandwiches you can make to the hungry students. It might also be a farm-to-table restaurant next to a vineyard where your wine-lovers can dine al fresco.

You can put your restaurant in several locations near other businesses. This allows you to attract potential diners to your restaurant.

Remember to fit in with the neighborhood to enhance your restaurant’s sales.

Final Thoughts

Given the volatile nature of the restaurant and bar industry, there are various aspects to consider when opening a new site.

Thus, knowing how a multi-store restaurant location benefits your business is better.

The location you choose for your business has a significant impact on its long-term success or failure.