Michael Lombard: A Luxury Leather Designer Discussed Celebrities Proposals and Fashion Discrimination Industry


People claim that the fashion and style industry always shows a neutral attitude towards social racism and injustices. Mostly this statement comes true when organizations consider gender disparity, prejudice, and politics. In contrast, some brands show unique behaviour towards subtle and contentious issues by dealing with them directly.

COVID-19 and Racism in Fashion Industry

Some major brands took the problem of eating diseases differently. They tried to present the best image of their brands in front of clients and customers. Thus, it replaced the “heroin chic” looking dummies on airstrips. It also saw a rise in the demand for circular models, which are stunning, erotic, and unique enough to remind the idea.

At the time of the pandemic, the COVID-19, the whole nation is in the ground to remonstrate against racism. Thus, the fashion and beauty industries are not separate, and we find them standing with others. It is the very first time in history that not only people but all organizations, brands, and even every business person is speaking for justice. Social media served as a platform where all celebrities, brands, and organizations collectively took part in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fashion Expert Michael Lombard Statement in a Report

Michael Lombard, one of the expert designers from New York, wrote a collection of stories highlighting the racism issue. He is also famous as“The King of Leather” after New York Fashion Week 2017. Moreover, Michael never afraid of the circumstances and always talk about what is right.

“This is one of the biggest issues in fashion. You do not see many designers of colour in high-end stores. It’s tough to get an email or call back from buyers of high-end stores regardless of how big you are becoming in this industry.”

The maker of premium leather jackets and apparel cites the iconic Galleries Lafayette as an example. “I see out of 100s of designers in there; there is probably only one off-white brand.”

Michael told me that he has a strong background in the music field. Thus, it helped him a lot to grow his business in the Fashion industry. He used to love the leather brand, so he took it as inspiration and decided to do something great. He mentions:

“I was just tired of buying it. I would wear it all the time but noticed I couldn’t find the type I wanted to wear, so I decided to design my own.”

People love to wear leather brands due to their high quality and comfort. So, he introduced leather in garments for designing shirts, trousers, sneakers, and kilts. Now he is thinking of introducing leather in backpacks and bags as well. Michael first makes a beautiful sketch of his thoughts on a pad before introducing it to the fashion industry.

“I travel with my sketchbook because my ideas come at weird times. I could look at a statue, and something creative will pop up.”