What Cause Delay Return-to-Work for About Half of Manhattan Employers?


(Reported by NBC New York) According to a recent survey, employers have delayed the back to office schedules for their employees due to the Delta variant wave of COVID-19. They are expecting 41% of attendance at the end of this month. While the attendance is currently 20%, as per the survey.

It was a widespread survey to develop projections about resuming offices of Manhattan. It has found that delta has made employers to delay the schedule of their employees’ return to the office and they are hopeful that half of the staff will be back by the end of this month.

The survey was carried during August 9 to August 20 by the Partnership for New York City. They want to develop plans for about 1 million office workers in Manhattan. The length of the delay is not same for all, but 44% employers said they have delayed the back-to-office plans for the employees due to the strong variant of the virus.

Partnership for New York City has presented the responses of the survey in graph.

Source of figure:

Partnership for New York City

By the end of January, the coming year, employers expect 76% of employees resuming their office jobs back. The dominant majority of the employers said that there will be a hybrid routine of the employees having some remote days and some office days. Some of them look forward to their employees to be back completely. Employers foreseeing their employees at the office full-time are 26%.

Half of the respondents said they would need universal masking at the office. Three out of five respondents said they would need vaccinations of the employees for their attendance at office.

The expectation of about 41% office workers at the workplace by the end of September is less than 20 points from another survey conducted before by a nonprofit group.

The report says this expected number of employees “is still significantly below estimates from a previous Partnership survey in late May”. The employers earlier projected 62% workers will be back to office by the end of September.

This survey also found that 81% of employees of companies based in New York City have been vaccinated completely.

Employers of Manhattan, including every industry, have observed increased occupancy at their workplaces during the period of May to August. There have been 85% more real estate employees than 70% in May; 28% financial service employees than 14% in May; and 26% consulting employees than 9% in May, at their offices.

A majority of offices (70%) have adopted “hybrid” form of schedules at the offices where employees can work remotely, they have to be at office for some time only. While 26% want their employees fill time and only 5% do not want their employees at offices at tall.

A vast majority of employers, 94%, support the city mandate of presenting their vaccination proof for at least one dose in order to enter the indoor sittings.

The respondents belonged to financial services, real estate, law, media, tech, and consulting.