What is Angelina Julie’s Choice for Mask?


Angelina Julie picks Virgil Abloh Off White as her choice for this mask in the season.

After COVID-19 pandemic, the mask has become a crucial part of routine life. One simply cannot move around without a mask. Designers are bumped into the bandwagon of designing face masks. Celebrities are exploring and picking the masks of their choice that satisfies their fashion choice.

Formerly, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was seen wearing a floral mask earlier this week. She picked it from her favorite London department store, Liberty. The mask was covered with the floral print that reflects the choice of her.

Our favorite, Jennifer Lopez, queen of bling, picks pastel sequins as she rides the bike through central park.

Angelina Julie went for shopping with son Knox and picked Virgil Abloh’s Off While mask for her along with the black slip dress, yesterday. The brand launched it in the fall 2019 collection and designed this version of the mask with black arrows logo. This design got trendy online and now sold to the star showing sold-out status at Off-White’s website.

The mask shoes Angelina’s choice for simplicity and symmetric lines and it’s the ideal match for the personality of the star. The face-covering mask She prefers this luxury for the great cause as it is aligned with her focus on humanitarian work. The stylist of the actress has a constant dress choice and shortlisted Ryan Roche and Gabriela Hearst.