Anti-Viral Silver and Cooper Coating of Doorknob can Kill 99% COVID-19


As COVID-19 is continuously spreading through the globe by touching contaminated surfaces by the virus. Scientists are working hard to make a vaccine against this nasty virus. Some vaccines are under clinical trials. Various researches are ongoing, and many methods are testing to disinfect the surfaces against the coronavirus. 

According to Dr. de Cogon Research

Dr. de Cogon, an enterprise co-founder of NitroPep, a fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering, made coating of doorknobs consist of silver and copper. She said in the online press that “we have made anti-viral coatings for doorknobs that can kill 99% COVID-19 in few seconds and soon this product will be available in the market”.

According to WHO, novel coronavirus spread through the surface transmission. Other ways include human to human interaction and droplet, which release during coughing or sneezing. If we properly disinfect highly touching surfaces like doorknobs, electronics, and remote controls, we can stop spreading the virus. 

How Silver and Copper can neutralize the surface?

 A self-cleaning surface can be a great invention against COVID-19 because it is much more reliable and needs no maintenance as other surfaces require. And it would help if you worried about your routine change.  

Silver and copper coating has a high capacity to disinfect viruses. According to research, coronavirus people were less infected when they touched solid surfaces covered with silver and copper coating. 

According to William Keevil’s research at the University of Southampton, if we coat metal surfaces like door handles, shopping trolleys, and public transport, we can protect ourselves from viruses to some extent.

Many countries are adopting this Technique

  • Many countries like Poland adopted this technique and transformed their buses handles by metal coating.
  • Brazil and Chile immigration kiosks already did metal coating in the airport area.
  • In America, many gym owners use cooper and sliver coating to protect their equipment, which are highly contaminated things with viruses. 

We should change our lifestyle to fight against COVID-19 and adopt a highly recommended cleaning method to keep our surface virus free. And through the silver and copper coating of the metal doorknob and highly touching area, we can disinfect the surface instantly. Of course, no one wants to let a virus into their home! So keep updating yourself and stay safe!!