KARMA: Uniting Genres and Inspiring Greatness in the Music Industry


As two best friends hailing from Memphis, TN, drawn together by our aligned values and true musical passion that has withstood the test of time and space, we are international recording artists performing as a group named KARMA. We don’t associate with a particular genre but instead tap into any and all music styles, choosing to express our feelings and thoughts onstage like it’s our personal playground. Whenever we perform, being crossover artists, we focus on creating an ambience of authentic engagement and powerful entertainment as we sing, rap, and dance, not as a job but as a calling.

Our formidable unit is founded on inspiring people to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness by trying rather than being scared of the outcome. Since making our debut, we have been awarded 32 Keys, 18 proclamations, and a YouTube button. Moreover, in recognition of our unshakable resilience, knack for results, and pursuit of creative excellence, we have bagged Memphis hip hop awards, Juneteenth awards, AMG awards, and many more for our “What
goes around comes around” KARMA stop-the-bullying school tour. We are proud to have also been hosted by all news stations in the southern region, Ms. T’s Music Factory on Lifetime, and
America’s Got Talent. The most excellent part of our job has been watching people from different walks of life mix, connect, and have fun through our work.

We are currently working on an album titled “No Smoke in Mirrors” and look forward to bringing down the house with the release of the first single “Broke Boy” on June I. We hope the
music scene will continue to happily celebrate our existence even as we aspire to become a household name by establishing ourselves within the entertainment industry as a musical group
that empowers, enlightens, and entertains globally. Make sure to catch “Karma” performing on the Still Smoking Tour, coming to a city near you.

New Single “Broke Boy” Available Now On All Streaming Platforms.

Courtesy of Hustle Gurl Ent